We create language learning apps for Android and iOS.

Our Direct Language App team develops apps to learn foreign languages.

We are part of Direct Language Lab, a team with many years of experience in the development of foreign language learning tools (for learning English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Russian).

While developing our materials, our priority is to ensure the practical use of a foreign language. We teach how to communicate in a foreign language, attaching great importance to speaking and comprehension, i.e. the key aspects of the language learning process.

Our products are used by language learners in 30 countries around the world, including Brazil, Japan, Angola, Poland, Italy, Mexico, South Korea and even the Kingdom of Bahrain.



Direct Language Lab Interactive coursebooks

The interactive coursebook (Direct Language Lab) for learning foreign languages based on the principles of the direct method.

  • You can listen to all the words, explanations as well as answers and questions recorded by native speakers in order to find out how to pronounce words and sentences as well as to learn the correct pronunciation!
  • You can view and hide the vocabulary translations as well as answers to the questions in order to study in an active and effective manner!
  • New words are translated into 10 languages, so you always understand the new work!
  • Our app contains a useful dictionary in which you can find words in your book and jump immediately to the right place in order to practice them!
  • The app knows what you have already done and where you finished studying last time so you do not waste time looking for material!
  • Start learning in a modern, active and effective way, whenever and wherever you want to!

The application is free and after installing it you can choose which coursebook(s) you would like to buy and download.

The interactive coursebooks contain all the material from the Direct Language Lab coursebooks (Wydawnictwo DEEP sp. z o.o. sp. k.), apart from the communication and grammar lessons.




The DLL DICTIONARY application has been designed for students attending language courses based on the Direct Language Lab coursebooks. The application is a convenient, interactive dictionary with the vocabulary arranged according to the coursebook. It contains all the words from the book.

Dictionary enables users to listen to the pronunciation of each word. The pronunciation was recorded by native speakers.

The translations are hidden by default so that students can try and check if they remember the meanings of the words.




The WORDS application has been designed for the “English designed with Direct Method. Books 1-6” coursebook. This application contains all the vocabulary from your coursebook, including the pronunciation and translations.

The app will enable you to record words, analyze and practise your pronunciation. It is a great tool to improve your accent.

The vocabulary in the WORDS app appears in the same order as in the coursebook.




The PRACTISE application has been designed for the “English designed with Direct Method Books 1-6” coursebook. This application contains all the vocabulary from your coursebook, organised in thematic categories, which should facilitate revising words, especially before exams.

The PRACTISE app is a set of a few simple exercises for each group of words to help you learn vocabulary faster.




Direct Language Lab – our mission is to provide language schools with coursebooks for learning foreign languages by means of the direct method.



The best way of learning a language is simply through speaking it. Students take part in the lesson actively, answering their teacher’s questions in a full form…



Direct Language Hub is a modern e-learning platform for learning foreign languages using the direct method.

Start learning new vocabulary today! The more words you know, the better you can communicate in a foreign language. It’s that simple.

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